Vol. 3, Issue 3 – 02.03.22
Winter Storm Warning from 6 a.m. Thursday until 9 a.m. Friday for Brazos and Houston Counties.

Winter Weather Advisory from 6 a.m. Thursday until 9 a.m. Friday for Colorado, Grimes and Washington Counties.

Winter Weather Advisory from 2 p.m. Thursday until 9 a.m. Friday for Fort Bend, Inland Harris, Montgomery, San Jacinto, Walker, Waller, Wharton Counties.


4 P’s – People, Pets, Pipes, and Plants 

When temperatures drop, it’s important to remember to protect the 4 Ps (People, Pets, Pipes and Plants) during cold temperatures.

  • People should dress warmly, in layers, to avoid hypothermia (abnormally low body temperature).
  • Pets should be brought indoors or provided with a warm place to sleep.
  • Pipes that run outside or under a house should be wrapped in pipe insulation to avoid cracks due to water freezing in them.
  • Plants may need to be covered or brought inside to avoid frost damage.

Driving Conditions

As with any type of precipitation, such as rain, sleet or snow, residents who are driving vehicles should take steps to protect themselves, including:

  • Give themselves extra stopping distance. Wet conditions mean it takes longer for vehicles to come to a complete stop.
  • Ensure windshield wipers are in good working condition before heading out on the road. When conditions are wet or dark, be sure to use headlights.
  • Never use high beams in urban areas. Highway overpasses and bridges pose the highest risk of icing.
  • Take extra precautions when driving over them.
  • Slow down. Rain, sleet, and snow can limit visibility, giving drivers less time to recognize danger.
  • Slowing down gives provides extra time to adjust to changing conditions.



Safely Use Space Heaters

Heating devices cause more than 100 fires in the City of Houston each year, resulting in numerous injuries and possible death. Citizens should always keep in mind that: Space Heaters Need Space!

The Houston Fire Department recommends the following safety tips when using supplemental heating sources:

  • Make sure you have a working smoke alarm.
  • Never leave children unattended in a room with a space heater – Children knock over space heaters, especially if they are placed on top of wobbly tables or stools and near where the children play. Children may also stick paper or toys in the grates of the space heaters especially gas space heaters. The city had two reported fires in 2004 caused by children playing with space heaters.
  • Keep all combustible materials, including yourself, at least three feet from the heater.
  • Open face heaters should have a screen.
  • Provide ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Electric Heaters Tips

  • Never overload outlets or breakers.
  • Don’t use extension cords for the heater. If the cord is hot to the touch, turn off the heater and unplug it!
  • Electric heaters permanently installed in the wall or ceiling should have lint and dust removed regularly. Lint and dust will burn!
  • For additional information on safely using space heaters, visit houstonfire.org.

Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless gas that kills without warning. It claims the lives of hundreds of people every year and makes thousands more ill. Many household items including gas- and oil-burning furnaces, portable generators, and charcoal grills produce this poison gas. Following these important steps can keep your family safe.

CO Detectors

  • Install battery-operated or battery back-up CO detectors near every sleeping area in your home.
  • Check CO detectors regularly to be sure they are functioning properly.

Oil & Gas Furnaces

  • Have your furnace inspected every year.

Portable Generators

  • Never use a generator inside your home or garage, even if doors and
    windows are open.
  • Only use generators outside, more than 20 feet away from your home, doors, and windows.

Visit CDC’s website for more information on Carbon Monoxide.


We are currently experiencing delays with our curbside recycling service. All recycling containers will be serviced. Please remain patient and leave your container at the curb.

For more information, visit the Neighborhood Depository/Recycling Center web page or call 3-1-1. You may also use the following resources.

Facebook – Updated daily
Link: City of Houston Solid Waste Management – Posts | Facebook

HTX Collects- an app used to update you about your service in real-time. You can also use the link on the website to get an update.

Link: https://www.houstontx.gov/solidwaste/htxcollects.html


February 2, 2022 
Item #30- Passed
ORDINANCE approving and authorizing agreement between City of Houston and TEXAS WATER DEVELOPMENT BOARD for reimbursement of the cost to complete the elevation of 26 flood-prone homes – DISTRICTS A – PECK; C – KAMIN; D – EVANS-SHABAZZ; E – MARTIN; F – THOMAS; G – TRAVIS; H – CISNEROS; J – POLLARD and K – CASTEX-TATUMLocation in District F: 9422 Meadowbriar Lane Houston 77063

Item #31- Passed 
ORDINANCE approving and authorizing agreement between City of Houston and TEXAS WATER DEVELOPMENT BOARD for reimbursement of the cost to complete the elevation of 36 flood-prone homes – DISTRICTS A – PECK; B – JACKSON; C – KAMIN; D – EVANS-SHABAZZ; E – MARTIN; F – THOMAS; H – CISNEROS; J – POLLARD and K – CASTEX-TATUM

District F Locations

  • 11731 Sea Shore Drive
  • 12907 Harwin Drive
  • 11611 Pompano Street
To View City Council Agendas
To Watch Videos of Previous City Council Meetings

Has your HOA or Civic Club changed leadership? Please complete this brief survey to share new contact information. We ask that you complete this by February 4, 2022.

If you have any questions please call Johnathan Johnson at 832-393-3214. 

Link: https://form.jotform.com/districtf.thomas/neighborhoodform 


Our office is looking to identify three intersections to recommend to Houston Public Works to investigate and consider for future project development planning. Based on survey results, three submissions will undergo a field investigation to determine constructability, warranted, and pricing.

If you would like us to consider an intersection in the district, please complete this form or email Johnathan.Johnson@houstontx.gov or call him at 832-393-3214 by February 4, 2022.

Link: https://form.jotform.com/districtf.thomas/intersectionsurvey


Houston Public Works has launched a new website which allows the public to follow projects, updates, and leave questions/comments. Please assist us with sharing the link below.


Jack Cagle, Harris County Precinct 4 Commissioner
Harris County Precinct 4
1001 Preston, Suite 950
Houston, Texas 77002
Phone: 713-755-6444Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher, TX-7
Houston Office5599 San Felipe Road Suite 950
Houston, TX 77056
Phone: (713) 353-8680

Find more event information here.
The Houston-Galveston Area Council is seeking public input on the development of a Method of Distribution (MOD) for the allocation of Community Development Block Grant Mitigation funds to provide financial assistance to areas that are heavily impacted by flooding and other disaster-related issues.

Approximately $488 million is expected to be allocated for use on a variety of eligible project types to mitigate against risks posed by flooding, hurricanes, and other natural disasters.

Public comments on the development of the MOD will be accepted online at public planning meetings scheduled for the following dates and times on Zoom:

Additionally, H-GAC will accept oral and written comments until February 4, 2022, at 5 p.m. CST. To submit a comment, you may:

  • Email public comments to: [email protected].
  • Make public comments by phone at 1-855-363-2516.

For more information on the development of the MOD, visit:

Register for a public planning meeting here.


If you are interested in learning more about how the city operates and how you can contribute consider applying now visit http://www.houstontx.gov/neighborhoods/ccu.htm.

Scheduled from 10 a.m. to noon, Pawlentine’s Day activities include:

  • Puppy Love Dog Kissing Photo Booth
  • Dog Treats and Giveaways from Blair Johnson Wellness
  • True Love Costume Contest
  • Local Vendors (Doggy Moma)
  • Dog Park Fun and Games
Volunteer with CM Thomas and the District F as Volunteer Office Assistant
Contact [email protected] to sign up.Summary: The volunteer office assistant will perform a variety of tasks depending on project deadlines as well as day to day tasks in the District F office. This will include answering phones, retrieving the mail, composing emails, and other administrative tasks as assigned. This position helps to extend the resources in the office to better assist and direct the needs of our clients.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Answering phones
  • Data entry
  • Sending Emails
  • Research
  • Assisting in special projects
  • Must present a professional appearance and a friendly manner.
  • Must be dependable and punctual.
  • Be courteous and personable when dealing with the public
  • Be self-directed, willing to take initiative, and detail-oriented
  •  Respect and maintain confidentiality of the District F office, volunteers, partners, and donors.
  • Computer skills are required.
  • The orientation will include training on: answering phones, filing systems, research, office conduct, computer usage, and cultural competency.
Time Commitment
  • Volunteers can choose to come into the office weekly, monthly or as needed by team.