Residential Shopping Survey Results Released!

This should be of real interest to all shopping center, store and restaurant owners. The International Management District, under the auspices of the Alief Super Neighborhood Council, has completed a survey of Alief area households to determine their retail preferences and levels of satisfaction with stores and restaurants in the District.

Survey participants represented an important segment of the customer base for the district. They were typically middle-aged white homeowners with college degrees that had lived in Alief for over 20 years and had annual incomes over $50,000.

Principal findings of the survey were as follows:

  • Over 32% purchased most of their basic necessities in the district, 20% outside the district and the rest around 50/50 from both.
  • Nearly 40% buy items other than basic necessities at least once a week.
  • Over the 6 month period prior to November 2010, 40% had purchased computers or accessories, 49% hand held devices, 36% TVs or DVDs, 34% household appliances, 28% furniture, 70% housewares/bedding/linens or home furnishings, 93% clothing, 78% shoes or boots, 38% sporting goods, 77% hardware, 69% lawn and garden equipment, 75% trees or plants, 86% gifts, 46% children’s toys or baby items, and 46% flowers.
  • 20% buy most of the items other than basic necessities from Ditsrict stores, 30% from stores outside the District and the res 5t 0/50 from both.
  • Favorite shopping destinations outside the district are Memorial City, Sugarland Town Center and Mall, and West Oaks Mall.
  • Principal reasons for selecting particular stores were: location, low prices and special sales, selection and brands offered, cleanliness and neatness of premises, and courtesy and training of store personnel.
  • Around 25% have dinner out 4-5 times a month, 25% 2-3 times a month, 25% once a month.
  • Favorite kinds of food, in order, are Mexican, American, Seafood, Chinese and Italian.
  • Participants were given the following statements and asked whether they agreed or disagreed:
    • That they could find what they wanted in the District – 29% agreed, 41% disagreed (the rest were neutral).
    • That the District was an attractive place to shop – 21% agreed, 26% disagreed.
    • That District stores have the kinds and brands of products they like to buy – 30% agreed and 37% disagreed.
    • That restaurants in the District offer the kinds of food they like to eat – 42% agreed, 30% disagreed.
    • That it’s easy to get around the District – 41% agreed, 29% disagreed.
    • That they like to invite relatives or friends to stores and restaurants in the District – 21% agreed, 52% disagreed.
    • That there are enough entertainment options for adults in the District – 17% agreed, 60% disagreed.
    • That there are plenty of activities for families in the District – 13% agreed, 50% disagreed.
    • That store and restaurant personnel in the District are courteous and friendly – 34% agreed and 23% disagreed.
    • That stores, restaurants and parking areas are clean and well kept – 21% agreed, 47% disagreed.

We’d like to encourage property owners to pass these results on to their tenants as applicable. The information contained could be of real long term benefit by helping them better serve the needs and expectations of a key segment of the market.