Environmental Master Plan

The goal of the environmental design master plan is to enhance the visual appeal of the international theme of the District to attract and retain investors and residents, increase property values, and facilitate business development. The master plan will identify opportunities to increase the appeal of the District and create a more attractive place to live, work, shop, and invest.

The study area encompasses the entire International Management District with emphasis on the following corridors:

  • Bellaire from Brays Bayou to S.H.6
  • Beechnut from Sam Houston Tollway to S.H.6
  • Bissonnet from Sam Houston Tollway to S.H.6
  • Wilcrest from Brays Bayou to W. Bellfort
  • Kirkwood from Dashwood to W. Bellfort
  • Dairy Ashford from Rodeo Square to Bissonnet
  • Eldridge from Clarewood to Bissonnet
  • Howell Sugarland from Bissonnet to the Westpark Toll Road
  • Synott From Rodeo Square to Bissonnet


Mobility Projects Presentation
Environmental Masterplan
Bellaire Traffic Study
While not specifically within the boundaries of the District, the area north of Bellaire up to the Westpark Tollway between Eldridge and Wilcrest was included in the study. This area is not included in the adjacent Westchase District and is being considered for inclusion in the International Management District

The Consultant focused on the following broad objectives:

  • Objective-Systems Inventory:
    Inventory of existing transportation corridors, traffic mobility (limited),mass transit systems, roadway infrastructure, street lighting, pedestrian mobility, parks and open spaces, land use, commercial activity centers, and wayfinding systems.
  • Objective-Strengths and Weaknesses
    Review of the District’s relative competiveness to other communities, districts, and regions based upon the systems inventory with an emphasis on the quantity and quality of transportation infrastructure, wayfinding signage, and beautification.
  • Objective-District Design Vision and Tactical Plan
    Develop a strategic vision and branding for the District to be implemented on 5-year and 10-year milestones. The tactical plan shall provide a defined set of goals and objectives to guide the District, local government, and private sector decision-makers. The plan shall identify specific projects that best suit the design vision for the District, their costs, benefits, potential funding sources, and time frame for implementation.
  • Objective-Wayfinding Signage System
    The wayfinding signage system is to create a “sense of place”, by informing and guiding users, enhancing the District’s visual appeal and identity, and ultimately making the District more memorable to residents and visitors.
  • Objective-Mass Transit Interface
    Consideration of enhancements to current and future bus stops along the District corridors in conjunction with the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO). Inventory of current mass transit routes through the District, rider-ship levels, and utilization within the District.
  • Objective-Parks and Open Spaces
    Inventory and profile existing and planned parks and open spaces within the District to include City of Houston, Harris County, Alief ISD, and local community facilities. Establish opportunities for linkages to develop an interconnected system of parks, trails, and open spaces that will serve both the commercial and residential population
  • Objective-District Branding and Logo Development
    Develop a comprehensive branding and logo concept for the District to compliment the proposed wayfinding signage component. The Branding and logo will embody the goals and objectives for the District.

    The final draft of the plan is anticipated to be approved by the Board of Directors before the end of the year. The District will hold a public meeting in February 2010 to unveil the final plan.