If you are a commercial developer, broker or investor, the International Management District can assist you in the following ways:

  • Answering requests for maps and summary population and demographic data obtained from the U.S. Census or ESRI.
  • Market demand and economic feasibility studies for proposed new retail, office or industrial projects utilizing quantitative and/or qualitative primary research methods as appropriate, as well as available secondary data. 70% of the costs of such studies may be rebated if the projects proceed.
  • Assistance in obtaining Texas Workforce Solutions’ subsidies and tax credits in conjunction with the Texas Back to Work, Work Opportunity Tax Credit and HIRE Act Tax Benefit programs.
  • Information and contacts related to Houston Community College education and training programs that benefit District employers and their employees.
  • Basic information about the Federal EB-5 Program administered by the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services agency which enables foreign business investors meeting certain minimum requirements to obtain permanent residence visas over time.
  • Assistance in obtaining State of Texas incentives including sales tax refunds, state and use tax exemptions, job training grants, and on-the-job training assistance related to particular projects and workforce requirements.
  • Assistance in obtaining City of Houston and Harris County property tax abatements on industrial building investments of $1 million or more, based on the creation of 25 or more jobs by Year 3 of any project.
  • Assistance in negotiating Chapter 380/381 agreements with the City of Houston to fund infrastructure for high priority commercial or residential projects.

To be able to respond to inquiries – particularly international inquiries – the District may receive, the District is compiling and maintaining lists of commercial properties for sale or for lease in the District, together with asking prices/rates and broker contact information.

To have listings included in the District’s inventory of properties available, commercial real estate brokers are encouraged to submit current listing sheets or flyers to Natali Hurtado, Deputy Executive Director.