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Recording of September 30,

Retail & Restaurant Facility Business Webinar

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Webinar on COVID-19
(Panelists, clockwise from top left) Dean Small (moderator), Synergy Restaurant Consultants; Bob Robinson, Jr., Kaivac; Frank Bacchetta, Total Comfort Group; Hussam Chater, Mamoun’s Falafel; Peter Cancro, Jersey Mike’s; Kendra Payne, Slim Chickens; Paul Martino, A&W Restaurants.
The “Challenges in Restaurant Facilities Management: How are Restaurant Facilities Maintenance Teams Responding to COVID-19?” webinar, hosted by Retail & Restaurant Facility Business, delves into importance issues of cleanliness, technology, layout and protocols. In a new reality where restaurant operations have suddenly become a visible part of the customer experience and level of satisfaction, restaurant leaders and service providers weigh in on what the restaurant industry needs to take on the challenges of COVID-19 and keep staff and customers safe.
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See a list of some topics covered below:
  • Evolving cleaning protocols
  • UV-C light: uses as a sanitizer and disinfectant
  • Improving HVAC systems and using new filter technology
  • Adaptations for indoor dining and cold weather
  • Growth for multi-unit franchises
  • Permanant changes in restaurant operations
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