Wednesday, May 16, 2018 11:30am-1:00pm

Brian Burks

Deputy Executive Director
International District
Topic: HPD Community Connect Security Camera Initiative
Brian Burks has been an employee of Hawes Hill LLP since December 1, 2008 and serves as Deputy Executive Director of East Aldine, International & Southwest Management Districts. Responsibilities include all aspects of management district operations with a primary focus on public safety.

Steve Levine

President & CEO
Legacy Publishing Group, LLC
Topic: Everything that I learned About Being a Small Business Owner & Entrepreneur, I Learned from Mom & Dad”
Steve Levine is the President/CEO of Legacy Publishing Group, LLC and is the Executive Publisher of Houston Premier Agent Magazine, Rising Stars Magazine, SMALL BUSINESS TODAY and HEALTH UNDER GOVERNMENT EMPLOYMENT (H.U.G.E.) MAGAZINE and its the co-host of the SMALL BUSINESS TODAY MAGAZINE TALKSHOW.

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