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Friday, July 25, 2014

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TIRZ Reappointments . . .




I would like to thank and congratulate the following individuals for their willing dedication and service to the Board of Directors of Tax Reinvestment Zone Twenty: Welcome W. Wilson, Jr., Kevin M. Chavez, Kenneth C. Li, Stephen T. Le, Saul Valentin, and Candice Alexander. They will re-join their colleague Dale Davidson who is slated to be reappointed on a different service rotation schedule. 


The TIRZ Board helped develop the engineering design plans for the Bellaire re-construction project and has financed the work. That project is scheduled for completion this fall. At my request, the Board has also agreed to fund $3 Million dollars in renovations to Crain, Lansdale and Sharpstown Parks during the next three years.


Mayor Annise Parker, along with City Council, confirmed the appointments on July 23, 2014.  I am grateful that these individuals choose to volunteer their time and talent to making the Sharpstown community, and District J, a better place for all of us.


Thank You,


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Mike Laster, Council Member – District J


Let’s Talk Trash!

 Solid Waste Management

“When is it a tree waste month and when is it a junk waste month?” “Why were my yard trimmings forgotten?” “Is recycling weekly or bi-weekly?” Let’s face it: City of Houston trash schedules can be complicated. But your District J office is here to help wade through the confusion!


Yard Trimmings


Automated trash and yard trimmings are picked up on the same day throughout the City, but by different services. Many of you may notice sometimes that your trash may be picked up, while your yard trimmings remain untouched.


Here are a few tidbits to remember:


  • You must have a City-approved compostable bag, which can be found at many local retailers;
  • The bags cannot weigh more than 50 pounds;
  • They need to be placed at the curb, at least 3 feet away from your regular trash receptacle;
  • Do not place yard clippings into the trash can. 


Yard trimmings mixed with paper, plastic or any other type of waste will not be collected.


Junk Waste & Tree Waste


If you are able to learn which one is on which month, that’s already half the battle! Just remember:


Odd Months = Trees


Even Months = Junk


(There is a caveat: Although odd months are official “tree waste” months, tree waste is able to be picked up on any month. Just keep it separate from your junk waste if you’re placing both out! Junk waste is only picked up on even months.)


Do you know what day of the month your heavy pickup is? If not, click your zip-code below for a handy map!










Heavy waste cannot be placed out before 6:00pm on the Friday before your scheduled pickup.  All private contractors must take trash they produce with them.


Many of you may have seen yard signs around Sharpstown Country Club Terrace 3 that have served as a little reminder when tree or junk waste pickup is coming up. Your District J office has provided those signs, and while a few of them have probably become garage sale ads by now, be expecting more soon!




Your automated container and recycling bin(s) should be at the curb by 7:00 a.m. and removed by 10:00 p.m. on your collection day. Your 96-gallon recycling cart should be placed at least three feet away from other objects including other carts.


Please click on your zip code for a recycling schedule.










As recycling is biweekly, please use this calendar to determine if you are on the “A” schedule or “B” schedule.


And remember, all trash carts should be three feet away from each other when placed at the curb.


Westpark Consumer Recycling Center


One of the many crown jewels of District J is the Westpark Consumer Recycling Center. You can even drop off your used cooking oil there! Please do not forget to use this valuable resource at 5900 Westpark. 



Gulfton Super Neighborhood

 Gulfton Festival

The next Gulfton Super Neighborhood Meeting will take place on Monday, June 28th at 12 noon. It will be located at El Sabor located at 5712 Bellaire Blvd. Please contact our office for more information.


Upcoming Events

Please refer to the Community Events Calendar on our website for the time, location and other event details.

New events are added every

week. Be sure to check it often!

Monday, July 28
  •  Greater Sharpstown Management District Board Meeting
  •  Gulfton Super Neighborhood #27 Meeting
Tuesday, July 29
  •  Sharpstown Rotary Club
  •  City Council – Public Session
  •  Shenandoah Civic Association
Wednesday, July 30
  •  City Council
Tuesday, August 5
  •  Sharpstown Rotary Club
  •  City Council – Public Session
  •  Brays Oaks Super Neighborhood #36 Meeting
Wednesday, August 6
  •  City Council
Thursday, August 7
  •  AARP Chapter 4418 Meeting
  •  Alief AARP Chapter 3264