What People Said about Our Region’s Future…

Think 2040 Survey ResultsMore than 6,200 residents from across the 13 counties in the Houston-Galveston area offered feedback about their priorities for the region’s future through a recent survey. What did you and your neighbors, in your town, your county and your region have to say?

Some of the results may surprise you…

  • Most (78%) respondents said it was very easy, easy, or not that difficult to get to the places they want to go today, but 71% are concerned that it will be more difficult or a lot more difficult to get around in 2040.
  • Few (7%) said we should accommodate our future growth only by building new suburban areas; 88% said this growth should be accommodated by redeveloping existing cities and towns, or by a balanced approach that includes redevelopment and building new suburban areas.
  • A majority (61%) said they would support increased planning by local governments to build communities with more transportation options.
  • A strong majority (95%) said we should take steps to preserve wetlands, forests, prairies and shorelines; 59% said they would support public spending to conserving these areas, even if it meant higher taxes or fees.

Opinions vary about different aspects of the region’s future depending on people’s age, race and where they live. To see specific survey results broken out by location, age, education, household size and more.

Click here to see a presentation summarizing the survey results.

We Want to Hear from You!

Whether you’re online or texting, we have updated our MindMixer site so that you can dig deeper into the topics we discussed in the survey. We need your ideas! Current open topics include :

  • How can we bring the kids of jobs we want to our communities?
  • How can we make our streets friendlier for pedestrians and bicyclists of all ages?
  • How can we revitalize our existing cities, towns and neighborhoods?
  • What can we do to make the region a better environment for learning?
  • What makes our region great (show us your photos!)

Take the time to get involved in the online conversation at http://ideas.ourregion.org

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