In this months issue of Texas Monthly some of Houston’s Chinatown restaurants were featured.

Morgan Weber and Ryan Pera: Crawfish & Noodles

The duo behind Revival Market (550 Heights Boulevard,, a local-food grocery and butchery, consider Crawfish and Noodles (11360 Bellaire Boulevard, Suite 990) a mandatory pit stop. It’s probably one of the best known restaurants in the area, largely thanks to Houstonians’ insatiable appetite for crawfish.

Justin Yu: Pho Binh

Stop in the Vietnamese noodle house Pho Binh (12148 Bellaire Boulevard, on a Friday or Saturday night and you’ll likely be in the company of some of Houston’s best chefs, hunched over hot bowls of beef noodle broth topped with bean sprouts, sweet basil and cilantro.

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