Dear Alief ISD Key Communicator:

We are getting ready to launch an exciting new initiative that I believe will have a positive impact on our school district. The Alief Community Leadership Network will bring various members of the Alief community together to participate in and to gain a deeper knowledge of Alief ISD and public education through a series of six to eight meetings over the course of a year. Leadership participants will serve as conduits of information for the Alief community as well as provide meaningful information to the district administration and our School Board.

It is my goal for 25 to 35 people who live or work in the Alief area and who have an interest in the success of our students and our school district to make a one-year commitment to be a part of the Leadership Network. Our goal is for membership to be proportionately divided to include parents, business partners, business development group members (such as the Chamber of Commerce or Super Neighborhood Councils), new and longtime Alief residents, and other stakeholders.

Some of the topics that I have in mind for our meetings would include :

  • Overview of Alief ISD
  • Teaching students in the 21st century
  • Student achievement/challenges (STAAR, EOC, etc.)
  • Organizational structure
  • Safety/security
  • School finance/taxes
  • Legislative impact
  • Role of trustees
  • Volunteer opportunities

Obviously, I hope to obtain feedback-good and bad-regarding things being discussed in the Alief community about our district. And, I want to hear from Network members about the things they would like more information on-current issues, concerns, and relevant news. I believe this Network will result in a larger base of informed and active citizens who are capable of serving in leadership roles in the district and in the community. More importantly, the Alief Community Leadership Network will strengthen the understanding, belief and trust in our school district.

So, if you or someone you know is interested in having an opportunity to make a positive difference in the Alief Independent School District and in the Alief community, let us know. Nomination forms and more information are available on our district website at

Thank you for serving as an Alief ISD Key Communicator and for helping to share the news about our school district and our students.


HD Chambers

Superintendent of Schools