HOUSTON — The newly inaugurated Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce kicked off its very first luncheon in a series of four on Wednesday, February 29th inside the colorful and rustic Sultan Room at Fadi’s in Southwest Houston.

The event commenced at 11:30 a.m. and as members and guests filled the Sultan Room, VACC board members, and Stephen Le Jr., the organization’s president, warmly greeted them. Le Jr. said that the spirit of enthusiasm and interest exhibited by the guests made him proud, “All of our guests were excited to be a part of an organization that strongly supports the Vietnamese American community and its forward-moving direction for the future”.

By noon, the event was in full swing with an audience of 43 members busily conversing and dining on Fadi’s 3-course Mediterranean meal that included a sweet dessert of baklava. As guests ate, the keynote speaker, Dr. Long Le, gave an engaging presentation entitled “The Phenomenon of Vietnamese American Businesses,” that provided statistics on the local Vietnamese American business community in Houston, identifying specific issues dealing with growth and expansion. “The presentation now gives me an understanding of where the Vietnamese businesses are lacking and exactly how to increase the growth through more powerful initiatives,” said Catherine Le, the chamber’s legal counsel.

“Our first luncheon was beautiful and unique and served its purpose successfully,” said Christina Sulien Thai, Vice-chair of public relations, who works to partner VACC with other non-profits to raise awareness about causes affecting the Asian community. Sulien added that, “VACC luncheons are about getting to know others in a supportive and great environment”.

When asked about the event, Brian Watson, a first-time guest and also financial manager at Geotrace Corporation said, “Lots of interesting people attending and I’m enjoying the conversations.” Towards the end of the event, a certificate to JRN’s nursery, an exotic plants nursery in the China Town area carrying a wide selection of orchids to 60 year old bonsai trees was gifted to one lucky audience member.

The next VACC luncheon is anticipated to be held on May 17, 2012.

The VACC is a non-profit organization committed to improving businesses in the Vietnamese-American community and thus enhancing the overall quality oflife for Vietnamese-Americans. The VACC promotes strong business work ethics, corporate responsibility, education, language skills and technology. Utilizing a collaborative committee structure, we engage with investor companies, business professionals, local governments, and educational institutions in the Greater Houston Area to bring about prosperity and a high quality of life for the people who live and work in the region.

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Laura Le – Vice-Chair Programs/Events Vietnamese-American Chamber of Commerce
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For more information about VACC please visit www.vacc-houston.org