As Houston Police Chief Troy Finner recently told the City Council, reported crime in 2022 fell about 9 percent from 2021 citywide. Now, HPD statistics solely within the International Management District show the same downward trend.

Murders in the District fell from 20 to 14 year to year, for instance, while sexual assault dropped from 34 to 26 and robberies declined from 381 to 313.

No single cause or factor has been identified for the welcome drop in crime. But police supervisors report that projects funded by the District — including extra overtime shifts for patrol officers and street cameras that capture data on the location of vehicles associated with wanted criminals — have led to numerous arrests.

“The District welcomes the overall downward trend in crime and is dedicated to supporting law enforcement’s efforts to contain crime in our area as well as citywide,” said Fred Bhandara, District vice chairman and public safety committee chairman.