As many of you may know, today is my last day in the role as superintendent of schools for Alief ISD. Effective Thursday, September 1, Ms. Gina Tomas will assume the role as Interim Superintendent and serve in that role while the Alief ISD Board continues to work through the process of identifying the next leader for Alief. I know each of you will welcome and support Ms. Tomas and our Alief ISD team during this important transition period.

When I began serving the students, staff and community of Alief, I wanted to involve as many “partners” as possible in our efforts to provide a meaningful and relevant education to EVERY student in Alief. In many cases that involvement was simply doing our best to keep everyone aware of the critical issues facing Alief ISD and in many cases, public education.

Regardless of the role you have played in Alief or other school districts, I wanted to genuinely thank each of you for your support, encouragement, and in some cases, your prayers for the educators across our state. There is a book written by Jaime Vollmer called, “Schools Cannot Do It Alone.” Many of you are familiar with Jamie and his experience learning what truly is expected of our public-school systems across the country. It is absolutely mind-boggling to think about the expectations and responsibilities our society places public schools and the men and women who teach, lead, and support our schools. The title of the book says it all. Without individuals like yourselves, our school systems would not be nearly as effective and successful as they are.

I am writing this letter to say thank you and to also encourage you to continue supporting Alief ISD and public education in our area. Our teachers are doing heroic things in the classroom and our school systems are graduating the most equipped and prepared students in our state’s history. Not only are we preparing students for higher education, but we are preparing them for meaningful employment in the workforce and for meaningful service in the armed forces. With your continued belief and support, our schools will continue to improve and meet this demanding expectation that has been placed on them.

My sincere gratitude to each of you for being a Key Communicator for Alief ISD. You have made a difference. I ask that you continue doing so as Alief ISD moves forward.


HD Chambers
Alief ISD