In this episode of ImpactED, the official podcast of Alief ISD, Superintendent HD Chambers speak with Kathy Jahn (Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction) and Mari Martinez (Early Childhood Coordinator) about the potential learning losses of incoming Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students, innovative intervention practices and A New Way to Pre-K in Alief ISD . They discuss the importance of socio-emotional learning and oral language development at that critical stage in early childhood education and how outreach like the Virtual Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Round-Up aims to help prospective families with understanding the urgent need of getting our youngest learners enrolled and engaged.

The podcast is currently available on YouTube and iTunes, Spotify, GooglePodcasts and TuneIn. You may click the picture above to be directed to YouTube or listen to the audio podcast at the Alief ISD ImpactEd page by clicking here.