I wanted to update you on the progress that Alief ISD is making as the 2020-21 school year rapidly approaches.  In preparation for August 6, the first day of school in Alief ISD, the Alief ISD Board approved the Start of School Plan for the 2020-21 school year during the July 21 Board Meeting. This plan will guide our approach and procedures as we begin the school year and ultimately begin the transition to in-person school.
Although the estimated time for the transition to in-person school is yet to be determined, we will continue to work with local health officials to safely return to school. Everyone deeply wants to have our students and staff back in our schools but until the health conditions improve in our community, we will continue to make decisions that considers students, staff and families health first.
This comprehensive plan focuses on guiding values such as Health and Safety, Equity, Empathy and Rigor, Community and Flexibility. Please note that much of the plan addresses measures that will be in place for in-person school when that time comes. This plan does detail safety protocols such as staff members and students wearing masks while on campuses and students and drivers wearing masks while riding school buses. It also includes many issues that address our Alief Learns at Home process as well. You may read the entire plan by clicking this link Alief ISD School Start Plan
As we have communicated to parents, staff members, students and community members, we will be opening with Alief Learns at Home (virtual learning environment only) for all students on August 6. At the point we decide to begin transitioning from Alief Learns at Home (hopefully sooner than later), parents may choose to continue with Alief Learns at Home or move to in-person learning. Families will be able to transition from Alief Learns at Home to in-person school at the beginning of each grading period throughout the school year.
We have asked all families to re-enroll their students for the 2020-21 school year so we can determine how many families prefer in-person learning and how many prefer Alief Learns at Home. We are asking all families who have not re-enrolled their students to re-enroll at this time.
Also included in the plan are highlights from the parent and staff surveys from June. In this survey, 68 percent of parents “were not very” or “not at all” comfortable with sending their children back to school in-person. We took the results of this survey very seriously as we developed plans for the new school year.
As we were developing this plan, we realize that not every student has a learning device and internet access. The district has spent the spring and summer securing learning devices and formulating plans to provide internet hot spots throughout the district for families in need of reliable internet and a device. We will begin device distribution for families and students who need them this week.
We will also be continuing curbside pickup of meals (breakfast and lunch) for students at all elementary schools, intermediate schools, middle schools and at Elsik High School and Taylor High School.
HD Chambers
Superintendent of Schools
Alief Independent School District