Sewn Goods is a collective of small batch manufacturers, non-profits, educational institutions and local sewers who have come together to produce cloth face mask.

As a collaborative, we are able to use our collective skills to serve the needs of the Greater Houston Community. Many of us have pivoted from our traditional production lines in an effort to step up and keep our neighbors and our city safe with high quality reusable cloth masks. We have provided masks to individuals, institutions, and hospitals.

We have had more orders than our current partners can handle and we are looking for additional local manufacturers to join us in our efforts.

Manufacturers interested should be able to:

  1. Produce 500-3,200 or more masks/week. Payment for masks is $2.50+/unit depending on quality and capacity.
  2. Utilize this pattern; with this draw string addition pattern.
  3. Sewn Goods will provide materials (material, twill tape or jersey tape, filters and wire)
  4. The manufacturer is responsible for supplying equipment, thread, cutting the fabric, sewing the masks, and packaging them to go to customers based on Sewn Goods specifications.

Any manufacturer interested, please send email:
Lauren Caldarera at [email protected]

Please feel free to pass this to manufacturers and small businesses interested in joining the effort.

About Sewn Face Masks

Connect Community, a local non-profit based in the Gulfton/Sharpstown community that works predominantly with the resident immigrant and refugee population, launched the Sewn Goods Collaborative to produce high quality, washable, protective face masks. Initially, Connect Community saw an opportunity to mobilize the talents of local sewists to sell masks to the public, providing income and opportunities to the community while also filling a great need. H-Force joined the effort to help boost production capability so even more masks can be made and distributed to help protect healthcare workers, first responders, local businesses and others out in public that are working to keep the Houston area strong and protected during this crisis.