I am saddened and stunned to be writing you today in the wake of yet another tragic day for all of us in education. We grieve with our neighbors in the Santa Fe school district community and extend our support as they work through this horrific event.

While as tragic and senseless as this type of incident is, we must all learn from it and be reminded of what we can all do to try and prevent it from ever happening again.

As a reminder, please follow the most effective best practices each day so that we are all doing everything in our power to keep our students, staff and school district as safe and secure as possible.

1. If you see or hear disturbing behavior, comments, writings, or drawings either in person or on social media, please SAY SOMETHING. Report it to a district official, principal, administrator, or police officer.

2. Know what your child is doing on social media and the internet. Engage your child in conversations and pay special attention to warning signs of emotional or mental distress.

3. Encourage students to be observers and to SAY SOMETHING if they witness suspicious texts, social media posts, videos, comments or behaviors from fellow students or individuals. Let them know that by doing so, they are protecting their Alief family and that they could help save a life! Help create a culture that encourages students to feel free and safe to mention these types of behaviors.

By working together, we can make sure our children are safe, strong and thriving. Thank you for your continued support of our schools and district.


H.D. Chambers
Alief ISD Superintendent