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Let’s start off January with a “Chinese New Year”! Although ‘seafood’ is in its name, Arco has a wide variety of dishes on its menu…VERY wide, like so many Chinese restaurants, and we can only give you a sampling here due to space restrictions. This is a matter-of-fact restaurant, remarkable by its food and not its décor. It was recommended to me by a Chinese employee here in the Vacations To Go Building, and I have been several times. You will like it as well. Appetizers: Garlic chicken wing; standard eggroll varieties. Soup: Papaya fish soup; Salmon head & radish soup; Crab meat & fish maw soup; Minced beef with egg white; Chicken corn soup. Seafood: Sweet & sour fish; Orange fish; Sauteed Chinese shrimp with leek; Salt & pepper sole fish; Braised half tilapia; Steamed sea bass; Typhoon shelters crab/lobster; Sauteed crab w scallion; Steamed Dungeness crab w rice/ or w curry; Salt & pepper or sautéed scallop; Walnut shrimp; Shrimp w egg; Sauteed clam w black bean; Chili hot snails. Beef: Beef w Chinese broccoli; Orange beef; Beef w bitter melon; Beef w black pepper; Short ribs w black pepper; Beef scallions; Beef short ribs w eggplant. Poultry: Sauteed chicken w chive & bean sprout; Chicken w mushroom; Steam chicken w vegetables; Peking ducke-2 styles; Salt baked chicken w jellyfish; Fried crispy chicken. Pork: Salt & pepper ribs; Twice cooked pork; Fried garlic spare ribs; BBQ ribs. Vegetables: Sauteed baby bok choy; Sauteed okra w garlic; Sauteed water spinach w bean curd; Sauteed zucchini w minced pork; Salt 7 pepper mushrooms; Sauteed green beans w minced pork; Sauteed eggplant w abalone; Typhoon shelters eggplant. Betcha some of these menu items you are seeing for the first time! Step out of the box and give them a try!


1952 W Gray • Houston 77019 • 713.528.4288 •

Opulently decorated like a Chinese palace, Café Ginger’s décor is 180 degrees from that of Arco Seafood restaurant. The food is excellent in both restaurants. Café Ginger is snuggled into the River Oaks Center between Brasserie 19, King Ranch Saddle Shop, and Local Pour. Special sushi rolls: Black dragon roll, soft shell crab w cucumber, mayo, topped w grilled eel & avocado; Boston roll, boiled lobster & asparagus w crunch, black caviar, spicy mayo & eel sauce; Cajun roll, crawfish, fried oyster, & pepper tuna w Cajun seasoning & sauce; Caterpillar roll, grilled eel, cucumber, avocado, & eel sauce; Fried sushi roll, fried shrimp tempura & tuna roll, w 3 sweet sauces & green onion; Oscar roll, fried scallop, carrot, cream cheese, jalapeno, w pepper tuna & avocado. Appetizers: Dumpling w choice of fillings; Honey glazed ribs; Golden jumbo shrimp; Crispy seafood rolls. Soup: Hot & sour; Miso; Seafood vegetable; Thai style spicy seafood soup, Wonton. Simply vegetarian: Asparagus w mushroom; Buddha’s eggplant, sautéed, basil, garlic sauce; Snow peas w mushroom; Spicy green beans, Szechwan pickles, jalapenos, brown sauce. Seafood: Crispy shrimp w caviar sake sauce; Grilled striped bass filet; Hunan prawns; Hunan scallop; Salt & pepper prawns; Sweet & sour shrimp. Red Meat: Beef w fresh hot pepper, onion, bell pepper, jalapeno, spicy sauce; Beef w mushroom, bell pepper, jalapeno, Beijing sauce; Orange beef, crispy stir-fried w orange peel, chili pepper sauce. Pork: Beijing pork, jalapeno, bell pepper, onion, mushroom; Shredded pork, plum flavored sauce, scallions spicy & tangy pork. White meat: Chicken w eggplant, basil, spicy garlic sauce; Hunan chicken, mushroom, onion, bell pepper, asparagus, jalapeno, black bean sauce; Peking duck. Signature entrees: Beef short rib, slow cook, vegetables, red wine sauce; Crispy prawns w Caviar sake sauce; Grilled roasted duck; Grilled red snapper w blue crab; Grilled wild salmon w shrimp & scallop; Grilled tiger prawns; Lobster tail w scallion. Also rice and noodle dishes and combo plates.