IMD 2016 KITE FEST from on Vimeo.

Circular Kite 2 at IMD Kite Festival

Families from all over the International Management District––and beyond–– converged on the Alief Nature Center on Saturday, April 9 for the 2016 Alief International Kite Festival.

Brian Burks, Deputy Executive Director of the District, said the fourth annual kite festival was expected to draw about 300 people––despite dark clouds that threatened to dampen the celebration on the field at Dairy View and Beechnut.

Farmer's Market at IMD Kite FestivalA disc jockey, farmer’s market, and inflatable amusements for the children helped create a festive atmosphere.

“It’s an opportunity to bring the very diverse communities together,” Burks said. “It’s a chance to get the kids out, let them fly their kites, and have a good time.”

Some of the unique Vietnamese vegetables offered in the farmer’s market were grown right in the community garden, he added.

The first 250 people to arrive were awarded with free kites, and there were prizes for those who brought their own creations from home.

Kid on Slide IMD Kite FestivalWinners of the largest kite category were: Rafael Ajucum, first place; Miss Chiquitita Organization, second place; and Mark Wirght, third place.

Smallest kite winners were: Christian Torres, first place; Shyam and Hari Jayant, second place; and Jonathan nguyen, third place.

Those deemed the “most unique kites” were: Angel Ajucum, first place; Alexander Ung, second place; and Molly Taper, third place.

Prizes for the highest flying kites were: Joann Northrop, first place; Angela Anzuirez, second place; and Ethan Innocent, third place.

And, the most colorful kites recognized by the judges were: Avery Samoheyl, first place; Christian Long, second place; and Angel Fernandez, third place.

Batwing Kite at IMD Kite Festival