Just in the past week (Feb. 21-27), there were 6 fatalities as a result of home fires in Texas. Nationwide 59 people lost their lives in the past 7 days because of home fires. That brings the national fatalities to a total of 544 lives lost since January 1, 2016.

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Civilian Home Fire Fatality Notices

For the week of February 21- February 27, 2016

Map view of past week’s media reports on civilian home fire fatalities


Interactive map view

Weekly compilation of media reports on civilian home fire fatalities

Civilian deaths:
Number of fatalities: 59
Number of states with fatalities: 25
Total number of incidents: 55

Demographic breakdown:
Male: 29
Female : 23
Gender unreported: 7
Over 65:14
Children 14 and under: 5
Number of multiple fatality incidents (MFI): 2
Total number of fatalities that occur in MFI: 4

Year-to-date home fire fatalities all ages: 544

Notes: Compiled by searching online news media sources for fire fatality-related stories. Data not reported by the media is not included.