EHL is Texans Together’s premier training and leadership program. We work in disengaged communities to recruit leaders who want to work in their neighborhoods to make changes where they live. Now, Texans Together is broadening its reach by recruiting and training leaders in new areas and ways.

We now have a Spanish EHL class for people who are more comfortable in Spanish, rather than English only. Our first class has already graduated. In addition, we have held classes on the U of H main campus for our Young Adult EHL. By extending our network to more diverse elements, we are creating a powerful tool for social change.

Would you like to join us? If you are interested in a Spanish EHL class there is one on September 15th at the Mint community center located at: 6700 South Dairy Ashford Street, Houston, TX 77072. Join us at 10 AM – 2 PM and learn how to be a leader in a language you are comfortable in.