Community Residents, Advocates, and Leaders Needed!!

Alief Super Neighborhood Council

The Mission of the ASN is to:
Facilitate the collaborative action of our diverse community by promoting economic growth.
Work directly to enrich our neighborhoods and institutional services.
Advocate for services and capital improvements as a liaison with government
entities and private sectors.

Open ASNC seats

  1. Business Associations
  2. Financial Institutions
  3. Management Companies
  4. Youth Services Provider
  5. Medical Services Provider
  6. Area Chamber of Commerce
  7. Neighborhoods Area
  8. Senior Citizens Services Provider
  9. Alief ISD Student
  10. Associations of Security, Public Safety, or Emergency Management Orgs

Make a difference as a ASNC member

Contact us: [email protected] or By Phone: 281-668-4411

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