Turkish cooking was the fare of the day for Alief
Practicum in Culinary Arts students recently. Two women, Esma Dagli and Tuba Boztas of the Raindrop Turkish House showed the students how to make two traditional Turkish dishes, baklava and pacanga borek.



T C D3

David Camacho, Taylor, and Jorge Andino, Elsik, help Esma Dagli with the cooking and chopping of ingredients for the Pacanga Borek, a traditional dish of sausage, bell peppers, tomatoes and cheese all wrapped in a dough leaf.

T C D1

Jorge Andino, Elsik, helps Esma Dagli chop bell peppers for one of the Turkish dishes while other culinary students watch.

T C D2

Dalena Nguyen, Elsik, and Juan Soto, Elsik, chop walnuts and pecans for the Baklava.