In case you were not able to join the second Alief Neighborhood Center community meeting earlier this month, we invite you to share your feedback via a survey which can be found in multiple languages:
SPANISH: Toma Nuestra Encuesta
MANDARIN: 请帮忙填写调研问卷
VIETNAMESE: Xin vui lòng điền bản khảo sát

Your feedback is critical to help the City of Houston and design team deliver a Center that accommodates the needs of the community.

The new Alief Community Center will house the services of the Houston Health Department, Houston Parks and Recreation Department and Houston Public Library in one space. The Center, which sits in the 37-acre Alief Park, will also consolidate the Hennington-Alief Regional Library and the park’s existing community center, both of which are currently outdated facilities.

Survey link(s) will close Monday, April 1.