Congratulations to our BPSOS-Houston Comcast Digital Connectors (CDC) students who have completed all the requirements and graduated from the program on June 14th, 2014. For the academic school year 2013-2014, these students embraced the challenges of the CDC program simultaneously juggling school homework, extracurricular activities, school exams, SAT prep courses, college preparation applications, and community service. They created the digital literacy manuals and provided computer literacy training sessions to the community. They also created a hero video by using the skills from the technology training in class. The students completed more than 900 hours of community service and all passed their Cisco final exams. During the program the students took a field trip to Houston Natural Science Museum where they had an opportunity to explore modern technology, the natural environment, and discover the history of the Permian Period as well as the Jurassic Period. Shell Oil was invited to speak with the students’ on Diversity in the workplace, working virtually and globally, career path, and digital age.


Graduation Ceremony


Computer Training


Community Digital Trainings