Alief ISD Team,
We realize it has been a week since our nation witnessed something we have never seen before, but the Alief ISD Board of Trustees and I wanted to take a moment to address the shocking and abhorrent actions of insurrection that occurred at our nation’s Capitol on January 6th.  While our country has experienced other times of insurrection like Shay’s Rebellion and The Civil War, never has the United States Capitol been breached by a malicious group as it was last week. Not even during the Civil War was our Capitol threatened. There are good and legitimate reasons for people to be angry, frustrated and concerned.
We should all remember that while our country is in large part a constitutional republic, our free and fair elections have been and will always remain the bedrock of our democracy.  Ensuring a peaceful transition of power from one administration to the next is a tradition and expectation that separates the United States of America from other countries around the world. We can never take this cornerstone of strength for granted.
We are all hopeful that our nation will see a peaceful transition of power and our country will begin to come together and heal from this ugly chapter in our history. As citizens and educators of this great country, we must take this opportunity to use these tragic series of events as an opportunity to openly discuss civility, equality, equity and meaningful changes in society through more peaceful and non-violent means. Let us not let last week’s violent actions label our country’s democracy and the true meaning of being a patriotic American citizen.
In Alief ISD, we are proud of our incredibly diverse community.  Because of this pride, our differences do make us stronger.  I am proud to know the Alief community is the model of the iconic “melting pot” and demonstrates how different cultures and ethnicities can not only collaborate with one another, but also thrive together.
I know many of our staff, students, parents and community members are still processing many emotions.  As an education system, I am confident that Alief ISD will use this time as a teaching opportunity for our students as well as ourselves. We have an amazing support system to assist with the emotional needs of students, staff and parents and in guiding conversations so that we may strengthen our community.
Let us all continue to work to ensure an American society where all citizens have equal opportunities, are treated in an equitable manner and can expect to be safe in their daily lives.
HD Chambers
Superintendent of Schools
Alief Independent School District