We are all horrified by what we saw unfold in yesterday’s school shooting in Florida. I also want to remind each of us (our dedicated Alief ISD family of staff, students, parents and community members) of our District’s best practices to prevent endangerment of our Alief ISD family.

I have been in this business for 32 years and I can tell you without hesitation that there is not a single educator in this country that does not feel some type of emotion or personal loss when senseless acts like this occur. It is as if each educator knows the student involved and the students impacted. Part of the magic of education is that every educator believes deep down they are ALL our kids. Every single one of them. No matter where we teach and no matter what school the student attends.

While as tragic and senseless as this type of incident is, we must all learn from it and be reminded of what we can all do to try and prevent it from ever happening again.

As a reminder, I have asked our staff members to please follow the most effective best practices each day so that we are all doing everything in our power to keep our students, staff and school district as safe and secure as possible. These tips also apply to parents and community members.

1. If you see or hear disturbing behavior, comments, writings, or drawings either in person or on social media, please SAY SOMETHING. Report it to a colleague, principal, administrator, or police officer.

2. Stay visible and engaged on campus. You are the front line to your campus and students. I can’t emphasize this enough. Be seen.

3. Encourage your students to be observers and to SAY SOMETHING if they witness suspicious texts, social media posts, videos, comments or behaviors from fellow students or individuals. Let them know that by doing so, they are protecting their Alief family and that they could help save a life! Help create a culture on your campus or in your classroom that encourages students to feel free and safe to mention these types of behaviors.

Thank you for serving as a key communicator and for your efforts in helping to provide a safe and secure educational environment for our amazing students and staff.

HD Chambers
Superintendent of Schools