Please be advised that Chief of Police Art Acevedo, in conjunction with the Southwest Management District and the Chinese Consulate, has scheduled a Town Hall Meeting to address safety awareness, in the aftermath of a shooting of a Chinese citizen on December 26, here in Houston.

The victim was employed with the China National Petroleum Corp. and was working at its corporate office in Houston. As per the Chinese Consulate, this incident has sparked safety concerns throughout the Chinese community.

Neither the coporate office nor the unfortunate shooting took place in Southwest Management District; however, because of the concentration of the Chinese community who frequently dine and shop in Chinatown, where this town hall meeting takes place is insignificant under these circumstances.

The Town Hall Meeting will be held Thursday, Jan.19, 6pm-8pm at the Chinese Community Center—9800 Town Park Drive in the multi-purpose room. There is sufficient parking at the Chinese Community Center.

On behalf of the Houston Police Department, we urge you to share this meeting information with as many people as possible.

The Chinese Community Center will provide a translator at this meeting.