The Graduation Game Plan provides students with a network of mentors through Houston Public Library branches to help them get on their “A-game” in school and in everyday life

What’s Involved?


Work with small groups of 3-5 students for 3-7 hours total (depending on location), to help them:

  • Figure out their plan for graduating high school
  • Map out what they want to do after graduation
  • Develop the work ethic they need to succeed in life
  • Build a network of people who will help them reach their goals

Why Volunteer?

By volunteering with the Graduation Game Plan, you can:

  • Be a role model for students and provide after-school support
  • Pass on what you’ve learned about life after high school

How to Volunteer

To register as a volunteer and find more information about locations, dates, and times for the Graduation Game Plan, go to

For any questions, please contact:
Aarik Mickens-Dessaso, Neighborhood Service Coordinator
Phone: (832) 393-0993

The “After School Zone with the Graduation Game Plan” is a partnership between the Houston Public Library and the Houston Mayor’s Office of Education Initiatives, Department of Neighborhoods.

To learn more about education initiatives in the City of Houston, please visit: