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In Addition to improving neighborhood parks, Parks By You is helping bring a 100-year-old plan for Houston’s greenways to completion. It is a plan that makes sense for the Houston of today and the Houston we want for tomorrow. The benefits of Parks By You are far-reaching–touching every region of our city, and, in turn, all Houstonians. This is our chance to improve public health and safety, build stronger neighborhoods, boost our economic competitiveness and complement ongoing efforts to enhance water quality and flood control.

Learn about all the benefits.

Public Health and Safety Benefits:

  • Communities will have local neighborhood opportunities to stay active and healthy.
  • Increased access to recreational spaces, making it easier for children and adults to play and exercise safely.
  • Active communities are safe communities–when people have safe spaces to play, exercise and interact, crime is reduced.

Economic Benefits:

  • Annual return on investment of over $70 million: Parks By You will more than pay for itself within a few short years of project completion.
  • Long-term benefits include making Houston more competitive on the national stage when it comes to competing for companies and workers of tomorrow.

Transportation Benefits:

  • The trails will reduce the necessity for bikers and pedestrians to travel on dangerous streets. In conjunction with existing infrastructure they will provide an effective system of transportation throughout the city.
  • With every vehicle that can be replaced by pedestrians and bikers road traffic congestion and air pollution can be reduced.

Environmental Benefits:

  • The bayous were built to hold water. In rainy situations the green spaces will decrease overflow that currently floods streets and surrounding neighborhoods.
  • The natural filtration systems these green spaces provide will improve water quality–resulting in less spending on water filtration.
  • The trees that would adorn these spaces will boost air quality.

Since this project spans Houston, Parks By You needs every Houstonian get involved. You can help spread the word to your family, friends, and co-workers. The November election is coming quickly and you can get involved by volunteering or coming to an event and learning more.


Luis Elizondo-Thomson

Campaign Manager

Parks By You