Subject to availability of funds and District priorities, the International Management District (the “District”) offers limited financial support to community groups and nonprofit organizations for projects that improve the Alief area. The District’s goal is to use existing resources to improve the well-being, safety, and overall quality of life in the community. By providing such assistance, the District aspires to increase community participation and foster a renewed sense of community identity and vision.

  1. Any nonprofit organization working directly with the citizens, businesses, schools, youth or other nonprofit organizations within the District’s boundaries is eligible to apply.
  2. The following types of Alief neighborhood groups may apply:
    • unincorporated informal neighborhood groups
    • formal neighborhood groups, such as homeowners and tenant associations, civic clubs, parent patrols, and neighborhood watch groups
    • neighbors living in an apartment complex or mobile home community
  3. Grants will not be made to:
    • individuals
    • organizations or activities designed to elect candidates to public office
    • projects that have already taken place or costs already incurred
    • pay salaries
  4. Organizations or groups that wish to apply for funds from the District must complete an application form and provide required documents and supporting information.
  5. Applications will be reviewed by the Finance Committee for recommendation to the District’s Board of Directors, which makes the final decision. A member of the District’s staff may call if the Committee or the Board requires additional information about a grant application. Groups being considered for funding will be notified regarding the Board’s decision.
  6. Projects may be given priority for funding if they are compatible with the District’s annual plan and if they demonstrate some of the following characteristics:
    • bringing people together to work on community issues and build linkages between communities, including youth, elders, or businesses
    • providing citizens an opportunity to take a more active role in and responsibility for what happens in their community
    • fostering confidence and trust among diverse groups
    • identifying and developing leadership and organizing skills
    • contributing to the economic development of the Alief area

To apply for a grant, download the application by clicking the button below.

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